Spare a thought…

…for Warren Elsmore and Matt White. While my journey from DanNotes last year was a little stressful, it’s nothing compared to the odyssey that they’re currently enduring to get home. Like me they were supposed to take a flight back home on Thursday but plans were scuppered by the volcanic apocalypse. Unlike me, they were in Denmark – I had the relatively easy journey from Edinburgh to London by train… not the most entertaining five hours I’ve ever spent, but at least I was on the same land mass as my home. Warren and Matt are currently driving from Copenhagen to Brussels, where they will take the EuroStar to London. Warren has the added ‘bonus’ of living in Edinburgh so will need to take the reverse of my train journey.

Warren is currently tweeting the journey and using a #greatgeekescape hash-tag. I wish you a safe journey guys.

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