So, it’s basically a big iPod touch

Yesterday I blogged about the fact that the whole world had convinced itself that Apple were going to announcement a tablet device. And unless you live in a cave or are appearing in a reality television show where you get locked in a house for forty days, you’ll probably now know that Apple did just that.

In a rather puny attempt to set myself up as an observer of future technology trends, I speculated that early adopters would probably wish they’d waited for the next iteration. Clearly others agreed… Wired published Ten Things Missing From the iPad while Gizmodo could appear to only manage eight things but carried on to eleven and positioned them as things that suck.

The business world was also unimpressed, as Apple’s share price fell by around $7. So, here’s my tip (now that we’ve established my credentials as a gadget futurist)… buy an iPad the moment it hits the stores. Queue for three days if you need to. Can you imagine how awesome that airplane landing game will be on a big screen? That’s gotta be worth the money. Also, Florida Steve has some Apple shares, and he’s banking on them reaching $270. So when the iPad 2 ships with some of the fix-list ticked off, throw away your iPad 1 and get the new one. I know this makes sense because I live in a house that contains three people and eight iPods.

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