A new addition to the family

It was actually quite scary how quickly this happened – a few weeks ago Mrs A finally agreed with Lolli that we would get a new dog, but plan it to coincide with the start of school holidays. The pair of them then started looking at where they would get the right dog from… the ‘right dog’ being a Yorkipoo, a Yorkshire Terrier / Poodle cross. This cross-breed has the advantage of being hand-bag sized and not dropping hair. While I was at Lotusphere they located a litter with a female pup, and by the time I got home we’d made an appointment to collect it, subject to certain conditions (i.e. a healthy puppy, seeing the mother, etc). A small fortune had already been spent on doggy equipment.

Mrs A had some last minute wobbles as we drove to Essex, but the doubts melted away when she saw the tiny black fluffy bundle. ‘Missie’, as Lolli has named her, came from a litter of five. We saw the mother (a lovely tiny Yorkshire Terrier who wasn’t much bigger than her offspring), and observed that the family who owned both parents had given the puppies the best start in life – everything was in order, and it was a very good sign when the lady insisted that we rubbed antibacterial lotion on our hands before touching the pup. You hear so many bad stories about dog breeders and puppy farms, but there were no concerns here. The initial vaccinations had been done, the puppies were already ‘paper-trained’ and had a proper feeding regime.

Missie is now back at Adams Tower, and Lolli is on cloud nine. Mrs A said that she’ll be cooking sweet and sour chicken tonight, but I have a feeling it’ll be delayed.

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and I’m sure there’ll be more soon. Lots more.

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