Wednesday night in Lyngby

I’ve noticed something strange. Opposite my hotel there’s a cinema surrounded by several cafes and restaurants, and last night the area was a hive of activity… loads of people in the cinema queue and waiting to be seated at the various eating establishments. Tonight, it’s like a ghost town.

Possible explanations… Tuesday is two-for-one night at the cinema… FC Copenhagen are playing a Champions’ League qualifier and the good people of the Copenhagen suburbs are staying in to watch it on television… or maybe there’s some other reason that I’ll never be party to because I’m not Danish.

Following yesterday’s post, I know you’re dying to know what the sign by the shower says and means. I’ll put you out of your misery… the sign reads:

Til forskel fra sæbe i bittesmå pakker gør denne sæbe både dig og miljøet renere.

And naturally this means:

Unlike soap in tiny packages make this soap you and the environment cleaner.

So not the first verse from Denmark’s 1997 Eurovision Song Contest entry. No, it’s the second verse from their 1983 entry which came 17th.

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