Good evening everyone. I am in Denmark, which is enormously exciting as I’ve never been to Denmark before. I’ve been telling everyone I was going to Copenhagen, which was true in a way – I landed at Copenhagen airport, passed through Copenhagen on the train, but eventually got off at Lyngby (which I think is pronounced Lungbu). So you’ve probably guessed I’m not on holiday – Lyngby is the location of IBM’s main office in Denmark. Some observations:

  • Out of the window of the airplane I saw the huge bridge which stretches to Malmo (that’s in Sweden) and a huge wind farm. On the subject of Malmo, when I looked up hotels on IBM’s travel system it suggested Malmo. Malmo is in another country, but it is within 30 miles of Copenhagen… so it was so wrong but yet right.
  • The first thing I noted after disembarking was a video screen sporting a Windows Blue-Screen-of-Death. I gave up taking photos of these a long time ago, but it’s comforting to see familiar things when travelling.
  • The Danish train system is inexpensive and (based on limited experience) efficient. Mind you, compared with English trains… you know what I mean.
  • If I could compare Lyngby to an English town it would be Staines, which is ironic and a tiny bit depressing.
  • The hotel room doesn’t have tea-making facilities, which means that right now I’d rather be at (pick a location from the air) the Hilton at Manchester Airport.
  • I have absolutely no idea what the sign by the shower means – it might be something to do with re-using towels or not wasting water, but it could also be the first verse from Denmark’s 1997 Eurovision Song Contest entry. Either way, I haven’t got a clue. If I get really bored I’ll type it into Google Translate.
  • BBC iPlayer only works in Britain, so I can’t watch tonight’s episode of EastEnders.


  1. And this is why you should vpn into your home network.. Cos then iPlayer thinks your in the UK. Or just shell out for a slingbox.. 😉

    Love copenhagen – did six months for Lotus Consulting there back in 2001, so say hi! to Kurt and the rest for me.. If your going out, take a LOT of money.

    —* Bill

  2. Actually I think I was a bit mean comparing Lyngby to Staines. It has it’s ugly parts but this morning I saw some rather quaint parts of Lyngby. I don’t think Staines has any locations you’d describe as ‘quaint’.

    Bill, you’re right, the exchange rate makes this an expensive place (apart from the cheap train fare)… I’m looking at the wallet and wondering about using a cash till.

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