LCTY ’09 part 1 – Manchester

It’s late, I’ll keep it brief. A great day – over 260 attendees and the presentation delivered by Andy Ports Porter and me was well-attended. No doubt about the two highlights of the day – the first being the glowing customer testimonials delivered by the Salvation Army (Mark Calleran) and Moore Stephens (Michael Bruce).

Barry CryerAnd then our guest speaker Barry Cryer… I expected him to be great entertainment, but he exceeded expectations. For the entire half an hour he weaved stories and rattled off jokes at a pace and with a delivery that would shame any professional comedian (most of the jokes I’d never heard before and all were hilarious).

He then went the extra mile – enthusiastically shaking the hand of everyone who wanted to meet him, he talked and joked with them all, and posed for photos. When my colleagues and I left for our four hour car journey, Mr Cryer was still delighting the delegates. He could have just done his spot and left with his cash, but that was obviously not the nature of the man. Even before he’d taken to the stage he’d spoken to people attending the event, made a note of their names and said hello to them in his routine. I’m certain he added to his fan-base today, and I’ll include myself. In an earlier post I described him as a comedy legend, and I was absolutely right.

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