LCTY, courtesy of Lotus Activities

LCTY activityAlong with the speaker videos added earlier this week, the web marketing team have posted another treat to the UK Lotusphere Comes To You page. To put this latest addition into context, you need to know that this year’s events have been managed using the Activities module of IBM Lotus Connections.

Managing an event is a good example of an activity – it has an end date and an end goal, and will also require and produce a wide variety of ‘information artifacts’ – presentations, bookmarks, Notes links, documents, textual notes, comments, e-mails, contacts, tasks and even Sametime conversations.

An activity is a perfect place to gather all of these different types of information and share them with a team. No-one need ask where details of the latest registrations are – they’re in the activity. A link to the web page? In the activity. The agenda, a copy of the keynote presentation, templates, logistical information… all in the activity. Considering the amount of work and collaboration, there have been hardly any e-mails on the subject.

To illustrate this I put together a short narrated video and you can access this half-way down the page on the right-hand side (see ‘LCTY in the making’). Unfortunately you have to listen to my voice, but I hope you’ll find it an interesting insight into the delivery of the events using world-class collaboration technology.

If anyone desperately wants a copy of the original movie, please let me know.

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