After a couple of weeks of hesitation I took the plunge and I’m now the proud and happy owner of a 24-inch Apple iMac. Lotus Notes 8.5, Symphony and Firefox are loaded – there’s still plenty to install and copy over but here’s the first impressions:

  1. The setup was incredibly easy. Power, mouse, keyboard… a few questions. The most difficult thing was finding the home WiFi WEP key, and it wasn’t Apple’s fault that I can’t remember 10 characters. Child’s play.
  2. 45 seconds from hitting the power button to actually being logged in and able to click on a program icon. In 45 seconds Windows will still be thinking about showing me a login box, and it’ll then be a good 2 – 3 minutes before I’d even bother thinking about loading any application. Okay, this iMac is much better specced than any Windows-based computer I’ve ever used.
  3. Install of Notes and Firefox was very simple. It’s different to Windows installs, but considering I’ve never used this operating system it was a breeze.
  4. Set-up of user accounts was simpler than simple. And once I was done and cooking dinner, Lolli logged in and customised her workspace (including adding a photo of herself from the built-in webcam).

But let’s be balanced… here’s the bad points:

  1. It cost an arm and a leg. Actually, an arm, a leg and some other valuable internal organ which I’ll probably have to sell to medical research.
  2. On Windows I do [Shift-Ins] to paste – haven’t worked out a good key combo yet. Although the menu says it’s [Squiggle-V].
  3. The USB slots aren’t easy to get to (they’re at the back of the screen). Minor irritation.
  4. The wife thinks she’s going to use it.