LCTY ’09 guest speakers

The guest speakers for the Manchester and London events have been confirmed, but I’m not saying who they are. For the third year running I suggested Harry Hill and have always been told he’d be too expensive. This year (presumably to humour me and to shut me up) our lovely events manager Chrissie actually did go and find out how much Harry Hill would cost. And she was right, he is too expensive. I have offered to bridge the gap in the funds should I win the lottery tonight.

But instead we have two great speakers. What can I say about them? Well, one thing you do know is that they’re cheaper than Harry Hill (who in turn, as Paul Mooney knows, is cheaper than boorish petrol-head Jeremy Clarkson). For London we have a figure from the world of sport, and I’ll offer “wheels” as a vague clue.

For Manchester we have a comedy legend – and if you think legend isn’t a term that shouldn’t be handed out casually, I can assure you that there’ll be no arguments about applying that honour when it comes to this speaker.

You can leave guesses in your comments if you like, but I’m not going to reveal the identities.


  1. Florida Steve now knows the identities – we briefly debated the parameters of the term ‘comedy legend’ but on the whole he agrees with me. And we also agreed that the person in question isn’t dead, as most comedy legends are.

  2. I hereby agree the term “Comedy Legend” as being appropriate. This person has an IMDB page as long as your arm and has decades in the biz.
    I also think that it will be a speech worth hearing. V V Funny Man

    @2. Brucie…. you honestly think Lotus would run to Brucie money. Bruce Rioch maybe. ;o)

  3. @12 – oh sure. Someone from Business Controls will hand him a list of topics he can’t discuss and words he can’t say. That’ll cut his set down to 3 minutes. I’m going to keep the guessing going, but I will tell you it’s not Chubby Brown (shame).

  4. I see no argument about Barry Cryer being a comedy legend. Good.
    Then you were correct in your description.

    I can’t help feeling a little smug about getting Brundle first go. One thing worries me though. When is LCTY 09? Is it going to interfere with Mr. Brundle’s day job?

  5. @17 – London event is 30th April. We sorta assumed he would have looked at his diary and decided he was okay for it. Well, you’d hope so. Maybe we better have Bobby Davro lined up instead. Also, I think Dean Gaffney is available and only charges a pint of lager, a round of sarnies and his bus fare.

  6. @18…. You’re OK. the 30th falls between Bahrain on the 26th April and Spain on the 10th May.

    I’m guessing Mr. Brundle may well have a tan 😉

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