IBM Lotus Notes 8 video interview

Doing the Notes 8 interviewJust before Christmas I recorded a video interview with Graham Lewis from IBM Software Marketing. The subject is Notes 8, how we’ve improved the user interface and usability, the strategy for integrating collaboration solutions and the business value of the capabilities. Have a look, enjoy the demo snippets and gaze in wonder at my shorter-than-usual haircut.

Shooting a video at IBM South Bank is not without it’s challenges. We chose a day that coincided with a customer event in the room next door, and the video shoot was halted several times by banging doors and coffee breaks which took the noise above the sound man’s comfort level.

The other challenge was creating some demo movies that fitted into a tiny 320 x 240 window… a certain amount of creativity was involved. Check the page again soon as we plan to add some other movies of Notes 8 functionality, this time a bit more in-depth and with a larger window size.


  1. You are a Star!!!

    I have no idea what you were talking about but it sounded impressive.

    I have noticed that you are using much fewer umm’s are err’s as you have done more of this stuff.

    Expect the BBC to call any day now 😉

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