Press coverage on IBM Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5

Ed Brill has provided some links to items of press coverage on the now-released Notes / Domino 8.5, namely from Forbes and the Financial Times. Not to be outdone, I’ve been talking to the press too… not about affairs with super models this time, it’s all about the new Notes / Domino release.

From the interviews I’ve done in the past week you can now read the results at, Computer Business Review and CIO.

Notes 8Due to the Mac-centric nature of the announcement (at Macworld), the conversations started around the Mac client, but by far the two most interesting topics of conversation for the journalists were the storage-saving capabilities of the Domino Attachment & Object Service and the integrated Symphony productivity suite.

What I love about the 8.5 release is that we at IBM Lotus have delivered another substantial version which delivers new capabilities which will benefit customers and help them to reduce costs… provided as part of a consistent upgrade strategy and as part of an ongoing publicly-stated roadmap.

Addendum… my frolleague Chris Reckling (we’ve known each other since 1-2-3 days) has published an overview of ten great 8.5 features. Of course, anyone who’s seen Spinal Tap should know that top ten lists should contain eleven items.


  1. Hi,
    Nice site very helpfull.
    Maybe you can help me. we are using the Notes v8 and the functionality to remember external email addresses are driving us crazy. For example once I used a wrong address, this address is popping up as the prefered email address. Is it possible to switch-off this option to use external email addresses and only use the address in my address book?

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