We’re all doomed, but Coleen will cheer us up

With businesses going to the wall, people stuffing what remains of their meagre savings under their mattresses, and a Winter full of fuel price rises approaching, trust GMTV to cheer us up. I’m always amused by the way they shove their reporters out in the elements to a location connected with the story but not actually interacting with the story. For example, veteran news-hound John Staplegun (sorry, Stapleton) was talking about woes in the City, so they plonked him on the opposite side of the Thames among the carrier bags and dog poo – the visual effect being that the City was visible in the background. But for all the difference it made, he might as well have done the report standing outside Tesco in Rotherham.

This morning, after the daily doom-and-gloom report, GMTV saw fit to wheel in Coleen Rooney, wife of gargoyle-like footballer Wayne. I’m sure she’s a very nice young lady, and she’s now positioning herself as a style guru. Wise move, given that her one and only skill seems to be shopping… but according to the merchants of doom, we in the UK aren’t going to do much of this because we’ll all be skint for years to come. So how nice to hear from a young lady to whom the credit crunch means nothing and can probably afford to wade waist-deep in gold around her mansion.

Tune in tomorrow for more news of people being made redundant as Christmas approaches, followed by a tour round the Beckhams’ new yacht.


  1. Hey Darren, given where the economy is, she probably knows as much as anyone about what is going on, and what will likely happen in the future. Mind you, David Cameron is “A Man With A Plan” so we’ll be OK then 🙂 Dave

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