Remember Friends Reunited? It was all the rage for a while, but now sites like Facebook have taken over in terms of popularity. Poor old Friends Reunited have even had to drop the charges for their services. Every now and again, Friends Reunited send me an e-mail to tell me who’s recently added themselves to my schools or workplaces – not exactly a great deal of activity on that front. But I was amused (or bemused) to see the following suggestion on the most recent e-mail…

Why not add yourself to these places?

  • Beechwood Avenue, Bangor
  • Box, Corsham
  • Ash Street, Huddersfield

Well let me see… I’ve never been to these places and they have no connection with my life, so there’s two good reasons for starters.

Stay tuned for reasons why I shouldn’t add myself to Corporation Street, Aberystwyth.