Mike Smith’s busy week

It seems that my good friend and Domino / Blackberry expert Mike Smith (of The Turtle Partnership) has lined himself up with a busy week in September. For the first three day of the week commencing 15th September, Mike is busy as one of the chief organisers of Collaboration University in London. For the unenlightened, Collaboration University is an absolutely first class education event covering IBM Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr (note, with a lowercase ‘r’) and making it’s debut this year, Lotus Connections. As in previous years, there’s a host of great speakers, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

After three days of hard graft Mike should be putting his feet up, but it seems he’s a sucker for punishment. Mike has volunteered to be on the organising commitee of UKLUG (that’s the UK Lotus User Group), and the two day event in London follows straight on from Collaboration University. Warren Elsmore, task-master that he is, has already got Mike working on a rather important part of UKLUG (I’ll say no more). Note that the UKLUG event is spread over two days this year, and we’re hoping for around two hundred and fifty attendees. Registration is open now. I hope to see you there, and if you see a tall guy looking happy but a bit worn out… go easy on Mike, he’ll have had a busy week.


  1. Indeed Mike is a busy man – an organization machine!

    Now here’s where it gets confusing…Whilst Warren is the task-master for UKLUG, I am his counterpart for CU. But Warren is speaking for CU, and I for UKLUG, and Mike is an organizer for both. At any moment it looks like a Mexican standoff when someone yells “who’s in charge here!”

    Thanks Darren for blogging about these great events. CU has had a huge interest during its soft launch, and with more announcements out just two hours ago registration is already spiking again. CU’s workshops are already halfway subscribed, so we may need to send people to Starbuck’s to install their Quickr servers!


  2. Well Rob, what could be better than a selection of the best speakers talking about the best collaboration technology? I have always advised customers who want to go to Lotusphere, tell your manager the cost will be more than covered through your improved knowledge of managing your environment and providing solutions that make your business more efficient.

    Guess what folks… the same applies to CU, and the costs are less than a week in Orlando. So attending CU is the only sensible course of action.

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