Firefox 3

Firefox 3I’ve been trying out betas of Firefox 3 for a while, but yesterday I noted that Release Candidate 1 was available. That’s near-enough the final version, so it’s now installed and acting as my main browser.

Mozilla tells us that this new version provides more robust security, improved password management, better bookmark management, and improved reliability and performance. Personally I would highlight the following features:

  • An address bar which not only fills in URL information but also finds words in web page titles that you’ve recently accessed – very useful if you can’t remember the URL but can remember the subject of the page
  • Quick access to most-recently and most-frequently-used bookmarks
  • Quick bookmarking and tagging – just click the star in the address bar

A couple of niggles though – the first will be sorted out in time… very few of my favourite plug-ins work at the moment, but I’d expect them all to support Firefox 3 very shortly. My favourite RSS reader NewsFox works so it’s no big deal.

The second is the new download manager. While it boasts some nice new features such as resumable downloads, the user interface is horrible – it looks like shareware and is a step backwards. However, this is a small gripe, and whether you go for RC1 or wait until the final 3.0 release I’d definately recommend Firefox 3 (especially if Internet Explorer is still your browser of choice).


  1. “But I caution you, it’s not for the weak-hearted” – well, that’s just throwing down the gauntlet isn’t it.

    So conclusion is that some aren’t supported but do work fine, some just don’t work presumably because the bits of context string don’t match up. As for themes, forget it… wait until the kind benefactors have updated them.

    So plug-ins are now redundant because Firefox 3 natively supports what the plug-in did (like saving all your tabs and allowing you to resize the search bar).

  2. Darren, sadly, Lotus Connections 2.0 on TAP seems to barf with Firefox 3.0b5 on Ubuntu. Our mutual frolleague, Steve Cogan, recommended using a different browser called Flock, which handled Connections without problems. Other than that, all is well here in sunny Sunningdale, Dave

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