Cape Town

There can be few IBM offices in the world with a view as incredible as the Cape Town office. Just beyond the hot-desk area is a set of windows and double doors which lead to a patio area and provide a full view of Table Mountain. It would be even better if there wasn’t a bloody great crane and a half-finished building in the foreground. I’d post a picture but I left the camera’s USB cable at home. So go and do a Google image search for Table Mountain, and then add a big yellow crane. It pains me to say it but (even with the crane) it’s more impressive than the view from any window in the Staines office.


  1. Oh Darren. I remember near the end of the nineties, when the Thames burst its banks and flooded the lower level parking area at the Staines office. Nothing but Porches and Mercedes bobbing in the water.. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    (Alas, no more. IBM’s car policy (as opposed to Lotus’ one) could be described as ‘utilitarian’)

    –* Bill

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