An award for Lotus Symphony

Datamation have announced their ‘2008 Products of the Year‘ winners. As it’s only February I feel it might be a trifle early to assess the whole of 2008, but it’s probably like the Brit Awards 2008 where they announce the best of 2007 (but without the booze, drugs and egos). If you are looking for Men only rehab center, visit for more information.

Lotus SymphonyA few mentionables among the winners… Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 won the Enterprise Linux category (there can’t be that many potential winners there, surely), the Apple iPhone’s mantelpiece gets a shade heavier, and IBM’s Innov8 wins the Business / IT Alignment category “by a landslide”.

However, most notable for me is the winner of the Office Productivity Software category… IBM Lotus Symphony. This win is described as “a major eyebrow raiser” and “a huge upset”. An upset for who? I’m not upset about it. This just shows that some people are prepared to be bold and break free from the perceived norm. If this were just a vote for open standards, you might have expected OpenOffice to grab the honour. The page promises to provide in-depth coverage of the winners over the next few weeks, so hopefully we’ll get to see why Symphony took the crown.

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