Visitors in the garden

Basil and RoxyI was working at the Camberley office today when I heard an all-too-familiar noise. I looked out the window and saw our most frequent-visiting vixen calling her mate who trotted up to her a few seconds later. The female was last seen sun-bathing beyond the rhododendrons on Sunday, and then she ventured into our garden for a quick drink from the bird-bath. Today the ginger twosome (named Basil and Roxy by Lauren) both had a drink – and then while Roxy sat on the steps waiting patiently, Basil scampered off to annoy next door’s dog (Tommy). I bet the cunning devil knows that Tommy is restricted by an electrical circuit running round the garden. After a few minutes Basil returned, nuzzled his mate, and they disappeared into the bushes.

Lauren has mixed feelings about the foxes as they’re one of the reasons we’re not having a pet rabbit. Personally I love seeing them, but I just wish they’d stay away from the dustbin.


  1. Wow! I think Martha (our kitten) would freak if these appeared in the garden instead of next doors cat. Are you in a much more rural area than before? or just urban foxes. Either way, well done on the photo.

  2. Do “your” foxes make much noise? I sometimes hear a weird sort of “screaming” around midnight and the neighbours think it is local foxes who are probably based in the scrub of the railway embankment… and not the nocturnal activites of the SurreyHeath chavs.
    I though foxes “barked”.

  3. When they do ‘bark’ as the female did this day, it’s a high-pitched yap (that’s what I heard). But they do also make a screaming howling noise, and when it’s a loud one it can be quite disturbing. I wonder if that noise is worse during the making-jiggy season.

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