Lotusphere sessions – a nice problem to have

I won’t be getting much sympathy from my colleagues who aren’t attending… sorry guys. Last night I started working on an annual dilemma… which Lotusphere sessions to attend. I’ve said before that this is the hallmark of a great event, being spoilt for choice. I’ve identified fifty-four (yes, 54) sessions that I want to attend, but the four-day schedule means I can only attend eighteen. Prioritising is tricky when you don’t want to miss anything, but I shouldn’t be complaining (I’m not, this is a nice ‘problem’ to have).

Lotusphere calendar

Also of note this year is the fact that the opening general session (featuring Mike Rhodin and his team, a guest speaker – last year it was Neil Armstrong – and a heap of announcements) is having to be repeated to accommodate everyone – a happy symptom of the ever-increasing attendance. Let me just repeat that – ever-increasing attendance.

My frolleague Brendan Tutt and I will be live-blogging again this year (in our IBM-internal Lotusphere blog), and I’ll paste the highlights into this blog too.

Addendum: ooops, I nearly forget to thank Ben Langhinrichs of Geniisoft for once again providing the Lotusphere session application for Notes, a nifty tool which lists the sessions and what else is going on at the same time, and then adds the selected sessions to your Notes calendar. Thanks Ben.

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  1. Cheers Darren!

    Being someone who isn’t going to Lotusphere this year, the “live” coverage of the sessions you’ll be attending will be greatly appreciated by myself and others.

    I, for one, depend on folks like you, Bruce Elgort, Carl Tyler, et al, for my annual Lotusphere news fix!

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