Poor quality stuff from Santa

Poor Lauren… the terribly deprived child did quite well out of Santa, and today at last got the chance to try out a couple of things that were in her Christmas sack.

MessyThe first was a radio-controlled hovering UFO that we’d seen at a large well-known toy store in London (you won’t have to think too hard). We opened the box today and found that part of the structure was broken. Very disappointing, but I have to congratulate the store’s customer service – the guy I spoke to was as polite and apologetic as you could possibly hope for, and he gave me a freepost address for the item’s return and promised a replacement.

Postponing plans for the maiden voyage of the UFO, the other item to try out was the chocolate fountain (what was Santa thinking?). This was taken out of the box, and I discovered that while it did heat up as it was supposed to, the motor (for the purpose of pumping molten chocolate) didn’t work. So that’s another item we’re going to have to arrange the replacement of.

Quality control problems at the North Pole do you think? Thank goodness the Archos 605 is working properly (famous last words).


  1. Check the place of manufacture.

    Me thinks that Santa may have outsourced a lot of stuff to China this year… ( and most other years, come to think of it )

    Here in the US, a toy recall hits the news every few days.
    Santa’s quality control elves need to pull thier socks up.

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