Sixteen years at Lotus

Today marked the 16th anniversary of the day I started with Lotus Development (now part of the IBM Software Group). After two weeks in Customer Support I wanted to leave, but I stuck at it, moved onto Technical Sales (eventually became the manager of North Region), and I’m now loving my current role of Messaging & Collaboration Sales Leader for UKISA.

The ol’ Lotus logoWhen I started at Lotus, we were using Notes version 2.0a, and 1-2-3 version 2.4 for DOS was the top-selling product. Windows 3.1 hadn’t yet been released, and Lotus were actively supporting OS/2 as an alternative. All these years later, I’m still based at Lotus Park in Staines (despite the frequent rumours that the location will be closed).

Only once during the sixteen years have I actively pursued a job with another company, nothing came of it and I’m really quite glad about it.

The current Lotus logoAfter more than sixteen years Notes is still in the market and we have the best product ever. 2006 saw continued year-on-year growth, the Lotus brand grew by 23% for the year, 2,000 companies joined the Notes / Domino customer base… and according to IDC we grew market share while Microsoft slipped. The whole portfolio is the strongest it’s ever been and there’s more great stuff to come (I’m particularly excited about something coming in 2008 that I can’t say too much about).

Domino, in so many ways, knocks spots off Microsoft Exchange… if only so many companies didn’t have an inexplicable case of Microsoft-lust. Still in this quarter we have enough Exchange knock-out opportunities to keep me believing there are enough people continuing to see the light.


  1. Blimey 16 years, quite a feat these days but then you wouldn’t stick at if you didn’t enjoy the technology and people would you now!

    Keep it up.. I’m only 8 year now 😉

  2. Congrats Daz !
    You beat me for 2 years. Hope we can celebrate our 20th and 18th anniversaries, respectively, still here. Would be a good occasion for throwing a party 🙂

  3. Had a dig around and here’s the first email I have from you..

    Caller is having problems with the database module of Lotus Works.

    Me: What type of computer do you have ?
    Caller: A 286 compatible
    Me: What make of 286 ?
    Caller: I got it in Chelmsford

    Conclusion: The Lotus Works database is not supported by 286 machines bought in Chelmsford.

  4. Congrats. I celebrated by 14 year anniversary with IBM/Lotus this summer. I started at IBM, “resigned” to join Lotus and I’m back with IBM again. My first day on the job with IBM I was told to become certified in Notes (then release 2.0). Right out of college, I had never even heard of Lotus Notes. Much has changed in the past 14 years.

  5. Well, not the first email I got from you when I started, but this one was within a couple of weeks. I still look back at this one and have a giggle:

    Please ensure that there’s some traction around the action about satisfaction… let’s see the figures raise by whole numbers, not a fraction. Focus on this so there’s no distraction.

    Although I was never a Loti, I am in spirit, maybe an adopted Loti.

    My 10 years passed un-noticed last year. Even my 10 year pen probably got lost in the post…or something.

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