I’ve been dreading this, but actually I don’t think it’s turned out too bad. A few weeks ago our Marketing team asked my frolleague Brendan Tutt and me to record some videos for ZDNet, and we had to choose four pertinent subjects. The tricky thing was we couldn’t mention any product names… just speak on that hot topic.

Daz on ZDNetThe first of mine hit the web today, so you can see me talking about Unified Communications and Collaboration. I wasn’t allowed to mention IBM Lotus Sametime or IBM Lotus Notes 8, but obviously a lot of what I talk about pertains to these two products.

I optimistically thought the recording session was going to be easy – after all, the videos were supposed to be just 3 – 4 minutes long. I do so many presentations and stand-up routines that I don’t usually think about it, I just stand up, open my mouth and some sort of verbal auto-pilot takes over. This was a different kettle of aquatic life – I wonder if writing a script that I tried to stick to hampered me rather than helping me. But with a bit of editing it worked out okay.

Anyway, see what you think… and stay tuned for the other three which will be just as much fun.