Wii tennis proI was going to entitle this entry “crikey, my arm hurts” but I decided not to. Apparently video games cause children (and adults) to become couch potatoes and obesity is the knock-on effect. Well, whoever said that obviously hasn’t worked their way up to Wii tennis pro status and then maintained that status in the face of fierce opponents of skill level 2,000. I reckon I’ve lost a few pounds, but I also have one arm like Charles Atlas.

Ports also has a Wii and has already destroyed a light shade – no such damage in the games room round at Adams Towers, although I did clout Lauren’s foot while swinging back a virtual bowling ball (hey, my top score is 246 – I’m a bowling pro too).

Baseball remains a bit of a challenge, and I’m glad no-one can see me through the window adopting the batting position.