And now, a quick look at the Premier league table

Being smug about how well your football team is doing is never a good idea, for it is exactly the sort of thing that will come back and haunt you, bite you on the backside, at a later date (or if you’re unlucky, at a date in the very near future).

With two wins and a draw, and a game in hand, Arsenal actually have the potential to top the table. However, as anyone with any sense will tell you, it’s better to be in Chelsea’s position and actually have those points. Fair enough. And Liverpool also have that same potential.

Premier League table, 25th August 2007But hang on a moment… what’s going on at the bottom end of the table? Man Utd, last season’s champions, in 19th place? Surely not. They spent over £50 million on new players during the Summer, how can they be wallowing around in the Premier League basement? Mr Ronaldo could know the answer, but is powerless to do anything about it while he sits out a few games following some rather ungentlemanly behaviour. Mr Rooney too can only sit and watch, although he’ll most likely be hobbling about following Coleen on yet another shopping expedition.

Amusing as I find ManYoo’s predicament, I’m not 24 hours old and know that they will soon be in the top four. To be honest, they could jump up to 8th or 9th (possibly even 7th) with a win over the Spuds tomorrow. And that won’t be anywhere near as amusing as the table as it stands right now. Ho-hum.

And spare a thought for poor old Derby… I know it’s very early days, but they’re already looking like they’re going down so fast they’ll burn up on re-entry into the Championship.

One last thing… that guy who writes for the Daily Mail who reckons that Spurs will knock Arsenal out of the top four… how are you feeling about that prediction now?


  1. Even as a die hard Arsenal fan, I had to feel a bit sorry for Spurs today. Given that they hit the bar in the opening minute, had a couple of good penalty claims turned down and had a chance cleared off the line after Van de Saar messed up, I felt they probably deserved a draw.
    I also hope that Jol keeps his job as he doesn’t deserve to go on that performance.
    So Utd have dropped 7 points in the first 4 games. Many more and the title chase will not be including Utd. You just can’t give Chelsea that kind of lead.

  2. Yeah, I was sad for the Spuds, they deserved a point. Away teams don’t often get penalties at Old Trafford.

    I bet it was busy on the M6 tonight… all those Spurs fans heading back to North London, and all the United fans heading back to Basingstoke, Tunbridge Wells and Dorking.

  3. Well, what a difference a week makes with Man U now troubling the top 6. Early days but Liverpool seem to have hit the ground running.
    I watched the Man U gave today and although they were obviously the better team, they still don’t seem to be able to find the net easily which bodes well for everyone else.
    And is it just me or does anyone else think that Hargreaves, Carrick and Tevez are massively overrated. They really miss Rooney and Ronaldo.
    Spurs once again hit the self destruct button…. I think Jol may be the first casualty of the season. Shame as I think he has the right ideas about how Spurs should play. They just keep giving away stupid goals.

    But to more important things. Sick of finding out that either Man U or Chelski are the game of choice on US TV, I have invested 45 of my hard earned quid in a season ticket to Arsenal TV online.
    Looking forward to a win against Pompey tomorrow and I shall be able to watch it!!!!

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