Lost in translation

Lost in translationOkay, I’ll be the first to admit my grasp of the Spanish language isn’t great (my French is better). So it would be rather hypocritical of me to have a laugh at bad attempts to convey instructions in English by our continental friends. But what the hell…?

On an island with so many British tourists and relocated pensioners, surely there must have been someone they could have asked “do us a favour, check if that makes sense”. Mind you, gives me something to blog about I suppose.

This joins a growing collection of crap English spotted in Menorca, including:

  • “It loks for your name” (on a display unit for key rings)
  • “Same t-shirt wear the driver” (on the Son Bou Express tourist train)
  • “Use only clients” (on a boat jetty)
  • “Make camp or get bedding is not allowed” (okay, this was in Rome)

Does anyone have any other great examples of less-than-perfect English we can have a chuckle at?


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