Back from holiday

Alright there dadams fans. The couple of weeks of silence was due to the fact that myself and the wife and offspring have been holidaying on the sunny island of Menorca. Two and a bit weeks of swimming, sitting in the shade, reading (the latest three books in Simon Scarrow’s absolutely top-notch Roman saga) and picking fights with people who smoke in restaurants. Well, okay, just the once, and it wasn’t really a fight. There we were, enjoying dinner at Dinkums in Cala Fons… four people arrive and sit nearby and before we know it this complete git has lit a cancer stick and the fumes are engulfing the wife and my daughter. Needless to say this p*ssed me off big time, the red mist descended and I said something to the effect of “either you move or put that thing out”. The sh*t-head then attempted to defend himself by saying he thought they’d finished eating, to which I replied that it didn’t matter whether they were eating or not, they didn’t want to breathe in his smoke. At this point he turned his back on me and held the ciggie away from us, and the wife persuaded me to drop it. Regrettably, unlike enlightened Britain, there are no laws against this kind of behaviour in Menorca (smoking I mean).

So, here we are back in old Blighty. The weather seems to have improved a bit. I still have a further two weeks off thanks to an old clause in the Lotus employment contract (a four week sabbatical after fifteen years of service) which IBM had to honour. Time to read the final Harry Potter volume (released the day after we left) and decorate the fourth bedroom.


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