Say it after me… Quickr

Lotus Quickr, the collaboration solution for serious grown-up business people, is now shipping. But we need to get a couple of things straight.

QuickrFirstly, it’s Quickr with a small ‘r’. Quickr, and not QuickR. Check out the Quickr web site for proof.

Secondly, it’s pronounced “Quicker”. The name just happens to have an ‘e’ missing. It’s not pronounced “Quick-Arr”. Think about that popular photo-sharing web site. No-one calls it “Flick-Arr”. Not unless they’re from Devon or Cornwall. Or a they’re a pirate.


  1. So is that what I would know as Quickplace? Is it still based on Domino? I like the idea of it being pronounced with a slight jaunty Pirate feel to it. 🙂

  2. Quickr is based on Domino and also J2EE / WebSphere Application Server. Customers have a choice of how to deploy it. Existing QuickPlace customers will not doubt choose the Domino flavour, whereas as new customers may choose the J2EE route. Or both depending on requirements. Owning Quickr provides an entitlement to both flavours.

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