A month as a BlackBerry addict

So now I know why it’s known as a ‘CrackBerry’.

BlackBerry 8800Last year, Lizzie from RIM sneered at the mobile phone I had at the time. Perhaps “sneered” is too harsh a word as she meant no malice, but we recognised the fact that there were better devices available. Now I appreciate that. Better looking, better screen, better battery life… but more importantly, access to e-mail, calendar and Sametime. Despite this being one of the busiest times of my working life, I’ve managed to maintain my no-scroll-bar inbox. Precious minutes in taxis, the bus to the airport terminal, standing in customers’ receptions are opportunities to deal with e-mail. So when I finally get to sit down and do some work, the e-mail workload is diminished.

If I were to go to another employer tomorrow, I’d have an extra question to add… will I earn more, what car will I get, do you use Lotus Notes (or are you lacking enlightenment), and finally… will I get a BlackBerry? Or to be more precise, will I get a BlackBerry 8800? I’ve swapped the 8100 for an 8800 and I’m loving the bigger keyboard and bigger display. Number of times I’ve missed the camera? Roughly zero.

I am officially addicted.

By the way, in the interests of being fair and balanced, other mobile solutions for Domino are available from CommonTime and Nokia.


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