Back in action

Fans of might have noticed a short break in service… nearly seven months actually. Sorry. Various reasons, not all happy ones. We moved house at the start of October, an experience which could eventually be described as ‘happy’ (especially now that I’ve finished decorating the lounge). Decorating three bedrooms (one is now my office), the landing and stairs, the family room and the lounge took a bit of time… just the fourth bedroom, the dining room, the entrance hall and the kitchen / utility room to do.

Among the unhappy events was the sudden death of my dad, John ‘Jim’ Adams. This happened less than a week before we moved, and between then and moving house I went to Florida and back in 48 hours. Needless to say this was a very sad time and I guess the major reason why I didn’t update the web site – I thought that if I wrote something I’d have to mention it, and I didn’t feel ready to.

The other major unhappy event was the death of our dear old Cocker Spaniel, Molly. After developing an infection of the pancreas she fell gravely ill and there was only one decision left – this was fairly recent, Good Friday in fact. We’re still getting over her loss – she was part of my daily life, always there in the morning, going out to do a final wee last thing at night, walks in the evening, always one step behind me in the kitchen.

Anyway, is back, and hopefully the mood will improve. A big change is the fact that I’ve moved away from the old static HTML pages (another reason for the lack of updates, it was a pain) and I’m now using WordPress to manage the blog and pages. And you can leave comments. I haven’t decided what to do with the old content – of course there are some absolute gems there, but if you think I’m transferring it all to the new system, think again.


  1. And about b****y time too. Living this far away, we were starting to feel a bit neglected.

    Looking forward to some new album reviews ( even though your taste in music is sometime a little odd ) and hopefully some more celeb sightings. ( Melissa thinks Oliver James should get a mention… we can supply the picture if necessary )

    welcome back… and don’t take any crap from Sky ever again.


  2. OOOPS sorry, just seen that Oliver James did get a mention.

    Actually, Ed “Stewpot” told you to “get out of the way!!!”

    England v Ireland in the cricket was obviously way more interesting than the back of your head


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