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Juliet's balcony, Verona
Roman amphitheatre, Piazza Bra, Verona
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Welcome is currently undergoing some revamping, so please forgive me if things look strange for a while.

About me (briefly)

Hello, I’m Darren, I work for Microsoft, play the guitar to a mediocre standard and go running when not injured.


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Photo credits

The photos in the slider above were all captured by me on various trips abroad (and a few closer to home).

Notes 8 beta 3

A few days behind with this news, but Notes 8 beta 3 is now available. As I reported a month ago, beta 3 is more stable and performs better than beta 2 – this is to be expected as that’s pretty much what the Notes 8.0 team are working on …

Notes 8 draws closer

Late last week Ed Brill announced on his blog that there would be another public beta of Notes 8 before the product ships ‘mid-year’. I’m somewhat spoilt as I have access to internal builds of Notes 8 and have seen the quality improve in the time since the first public …

Sky Minus

Okay, I used that heading once before. A couple of years ago we had Sky Plus installed, and in the first six months had four replacement boxes until, eventually, we got one that worked and stayed working… most of the time. Even then it wasn’t the most reliable of units …

Back in action

Fans of might have noticed a short break in service… nearly seven months actually. Sorry. Various reasons, not all happy ones. We moved house at the start of October, an experience which could eventually be described as ‘happy’ (especially now that I’ve finished decorating the lounge). Decorating three bedrooms …

Modern art part 2

It was nearly three years ago that I commented on the pretentiousness of modern art (see here) and now it is time to do it again. And for a second time, the world of art has been exposed by a humble, hard-working, honest member of the Tate Britain’s cleaning staff. …

Modern art part 1

I can’t remember how we got onto the subject, but the wife informed me that some art award had been given to an exhibit that consisted of two flashing lights in an empty room. A quick search of the BBC news web site revealed that this was (nearly) true… an …