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Outlook 4

Outlook 2016 modern attachments

Following on from the general blog post about Office 2016, this is the first of a few* which will focus on some specific features.

* Actual number to be decided.

We’re going to peak early, because the first …

Microsoft Office 0

Microsoft Office 2016

I’m sure most IT people were aware that Office 2016 shipped last week, but publically it didn’t arrive in much of a blaze of publicity. Certainly there was enough coverage in the computer press and online (well, most …

Windows 10 0

Ten great Windows 10 features

A few weeks ago, us Microsoft employees in the UK were invited to submit ‘ten great Windows 10 features’ in order to be in with a chance to win a Windows 10 goody bag. I was a lucky …

Sway 0

Microsoft Sway (preview)

Sway was announced back in October and made available as a limited invitation-only preview. Since then it’s been opened up for general access, and (important for this blog post) I’ve found some time to have a look at …

Thames Valley Park 4

Three years at Microsoft

I had a very busy day yesterday and didn’t notice that it was my third anniversary of joining Microsoft. Looking back those three years have flown past – I remember the job interviews and my IBM exit interview …

Apps for Excel 2013 2

Apps for Excel 2013

Office 2013 has the ability to provide in-application apps to users, and Excel is the most bountiful place to find and use these handy additions. Here’s a pick of some of the best.

Random Generator by AbleBits – …

Windows Phone 8.1 0

Windows Phone 8.1

This latest update to Windows Phone is not generally available yet, so most users will need to wait until their networks push out the update. If you’re interested in grabbing it now, you can do so via the …

Microsoft Project Siena 4

Microsoft Project Siena

Most Windows 8 (or 8.1) users would look at the apps on their start screen and assume that they couldn’t build one themselves. Many people would be wrong, as Microsoft’s Project Siena app sets out to help those …