I had a very busy day yesterday and didn’t notice that it was my third anniversary of joining Microsoft. Looking back those three years have flown past – I remember the job interviews and my IBM exit interview as if they were yesterday. At my exit interview I had to hastily change my main account password because I was going to have to divulge it to my then-manager, and I suddenly realised it was rather unsuitable.

A few times during those three years people have asked me whether I intend to ‘spill the beans’. I’ve asked what exactly that meant, and received a nudge nudge, wink wink… you know, why you left IBM, what was going on? It was also suggested that I could really kick the collaboration business, once known as Lotus, in the shins.

The Lotus that IBM acquired seems to have all but disappeared, apart from one thing… some key people. People not only in the various sales teams around the world, but also in Product Management. The Lotus name has gone, IBM have moved out of Lotus Park, and a lot of the products have gone, but a great many people remain… and therefore some of that culture is still alive. It also exists within the Business Partners who have shown great loyalty to the solutions over the years (some may say, more loyalty than IBM have deserved).

All-in-all I’m happy I made the move. Financially it worked out – my earnings at IBM dropped several years in a row, but now I have replenished the savings account. I no longer have conversations with customers who are planning to drop the products (which was getting a bit depressing). And that’s all I need to say.

Well, one more thing… I do miss Notes… sometimes.