I’m getting old and my memory is failing – and ironically it was an e-mail containing a summary of our press coverage that reminded me that I’d commented on a YouGov survey (something I’d forgotten). The comments were distributed by our PR agency and ended up in a number of publications, such HR Review and Plugged In. Among my pearls of wisdom are:

Social collaboration offers great opportunities for business and allows users in disparate locations to easily collaborate and ensure they are reaching out to the right people with the required expertise and knowledge. While the business benefits are clear, we know that we need to raise the profile of social collaboration in the market place.

Not surprisingly, IBM Connections gets a mention.

Now here’s a funny thing, and kudos to our PR agency… look where else the story and some of my quotes end up.

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  1. Michael Kobrowski Reply

    Funny that the 2nd post you linked to, the one at MSFT does not reference IBM connections ;-)

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