It was Lotusphere Comes To You week in the UK, with two great events in London and Edinburgh… more about those in another post. But it was while in Edinburgh that I got an early morning text message from my airline-of-choice telling me that my flight was cancelled. The reason…? Because a volcano had erupted in Iceland.

C’mon, did they honestly expect me to be believe that?

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  1. Thomas Schulte Reply

    Yes they did and for a good reason.

    Volcanic ashes in the air have caused several airplanes to make emergency calls due to failing turbines sandscraping airplane windows and are also believed to be responsible for more than one plane crashing.

    I would say your airplane did an outstanding service job to keep ou informed.

  2. Thomas Schulte Reply

    Sigh …
    I didn’t check that. Sorry Darren.

    reminder to myself… Learn what irony is when you are not reading in your own language.

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