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Sametime Advanced in the frozen North

Sametime Advanced chat roomsHere we are in the most exciting (or should I say “busiest”?) part of our 4th quarter, and the IBM Lotus team in Sweden have found a great use for some of the capabilities of IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced.

They’ve created a broadcast community and a chat room so that they can broadcast announcements of software transactions being booked and provide some further details.

Obviously I’m not going to share the full details of the conversations going on, but here’s a screenshot of the interface in IBM Lotus Sametime 8 – click on it for an expanded view.

…works for Microsoft as a Global Account Technology Strategist. In a former life he worked for the Lotus brand within IBM for many years. Married with one daughter and two dogs, lives in Camberley (Surrey, England), plays the guitar to a mediocre standard, and runs 10 kms and half marathons at an average speed. That’s it really.


Darren Adams • 11 December 2009

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  1. Albert Buendia 11 December 2009 - 1:17 pm Reply

    Hi Darren, for those we still not have Sametime, are your blogging about next Sametime 8.5 advanced or Sametime 8.0.2 advanced? Thanks, Albert.

  2. Darren 11 December 2009 - 1:24 pm Reply

    Hi Albert… this is the existing Sametime Advanced that shipped around the same time (no pun intended) as Sametime 8. More news on Sametime 8.5 soon.

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