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LinkedIn widget for IBM Lotus Notes 8

LinkedIn plug-inWidget or plug-in? Whatever… it’s difficult to beat Ed Brill in the race to blog something related to Notes, all you can really do is wait until he goes on holiday (sorry, vacation) and hope that he doesn’t have his Macbook with him and access to a WiFi connection. Today’s announcements were centred around two newly-available widgets (plug-ins?) for Notes 8, supporting LinkedIn and TripIt. I’ve never used TripIt so I’m not going to comment on that one (not until I start using it, which I will do shortly) but I’m well-connected on LinkedIn so that was the widget for me.

To be honest I’ve had it installed for a while, and find it very useful to connect with my 275 contacts, keep up-to-date with LinkedIn-based events (such as UKLUG) and speed up access to other aspects of the site.

Naturally, Ed’s blog post fuelled a number of suggestions for other features – I know that this first widget is stage one of the Notes / LinkedIn integration and there’s more to come from this partnership in the future.

But for now this is an excellent widget and another great example of the extensibility of Notes and the ability to provide capabilities to business users who need to collaborate beyond the walls of their enterprise. Oooops, nearly forgot… you can download it from here.

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Darren Adams • 15 July 2009

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  1. vk 28 July 2009 - 9:50 pm Reply

    As of 7/27/09… still can’t download the widget. There is a popup message thats says you have to checkbox the “accept license agreement” before downloading, but no checkbox exists. Troy from LinkedIn Customer Support and reports “this issue should be resolved soon”. But who is Troy really and why should we trust him?

  2. Dave Hay 6 August 2009 - 6:39 pm Reply

    Hi Darren

    FYI – the URL for the Linked In widget has changed to: –

    I found that I had to download the .XML file to my desktop and then drag it into the My Widgets space in the sidebar.

    Lots of love


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