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Fulham 2, ManYoo 0

On a day where the Spuds almost eliminated their relegation concerns with a win over Chelski, a day when Arsenal took another step towards cementing 4th place (best we can hope for) with a win over the increasingly doomed-looking Newcastle, there was a shock win for Fulham. And no-one was more shocked than the ManUre fans, some of whom had travelled nearly 20 miles to watch the spectacle.

So okay, ManYoo are still top and are 10 points ahead of Arsenal, so I have no right to gloat. But this isn’t about gloating, this is about taking up an issue with the BBC. Their news site reported “nine-man Man Utd crash to Fulham” thus giving the impression that Fulham won because ManYoo were only playing with nine men. However, for most of the match Utd had ten men, and didn’t have a second player (the charming Mr Rooney) sent off until after Fulham had scored their second goal. Alright, ManYoo played most of the match with ten men, but that headline does take away some credit from Fulham, whose eleven men probably cost a quarter of the price of Utd’s nine men.

I consider the issue clarified.

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Darren Adams • 21 March 2009

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