Lotusphere 2009

I have an annual problem, and this year (i.e. for Lotusphere 2009) it seems that it’s going to be worse than ever. Over the course of the week, and not including the opening general session, I will have time to attend twenty sessions.

Yesterday I downloaded the Lotusphere 2009 planning database from Genii Software’s site (big thanks to Ben Langhinrichs for providing this once again). The database is a Notes application which lists the sessions and their abstracts, and allows you to add the sessions to your Notes diary. So I started adding the sessions I was interested in… and here’s the problem… I’ve ticked off eighty three (yes, 83) sessions that I’d like to attend.

But as I’ve said before, this is the mark of a great event. It would be far worse to spend four days at Lotusphere and not find anything interesting.