My relative Caroline has been incredibly helpful with my quest to discover my ancestors, and the other day she spotted something very obvious that I’d missed. Back in August I solved the mystery of my great x3 grandmother – this had been tricky because there was no record of her marriage to Henry Clinch or of the birth of James Clinch (my great x2 grandfather). Henry, born in 1819, was quite a challenge because he didn’t appear on the 1841 census and his birth was before the official birth / marriage / death records started. So although a couple of other Clinch ancestors provided some information on his lineage, I wanted the proof for myself.

Caroline’s find was just so obvious – Henry Clinch took a second wife, seven years after his first wife Sarah died in 1855. This marriage was on record, I knew about it, but never thought it was that important. But of course it was… it revealed his father’s name. As luck would have it, my mum’s cousin Susan already had the certificate. And there was the name of my great x4 grandfather, Charles Clinch. According to the parish records, he was born in Chiseldon, Wiltshire in 1785. This was rather spooky – I found out this information on Friday, the same day I drove past Chiseldon on the way to Swindon.

Although I have yet to confirm it, the information about Charles allowed me to trace back a couple more generations (but I stress, this needs more research) – Charles was the son of Thomas Clinch and Ann Arman, and Ann was the daughter of Richard Arman and Elizabeth Savoury. Richard was born in (wait for it) 1718 and was my great x6 grandfather. Confirming this is going to require a visit to the Berkshire archives to double-check the Charles Clinch information and also see if I can confirm the name of Henry’s mother (Charles apparently had four wives), and then a visit to the Wiltshire archives in Swindon. Realistically it’ll probably be next year by the time I get a chance.