Today my iTunes library surpassed 1,800 tracks, and as I travelled from Wakefield to Camberley (at a steady 69.4 mph of course) listening to a variety of music I wondered to myself “what would my musical taste look like as a wordle?”.

This took five minutes of configuration – export the iTunes library, manipulate the text file to take out the word ‘the’ and take out any spaces in the band names (this was necessary, otherwise ‘Smashing’ and ‘Pumpkins’ would be treated as separate entries). Copy, and paste into wordle. Play around with the fonts and layout a bit… and there you have it. I actually have fifty-two bands or artists represented in my iTunes library, but I set the maximum words to fifteen so that it wasn’t too crowded and full of words that were too small to read.

Before you mention it… yes, I like a-Ha. No shame in that. They’ve moved on to a more mature sound since their 80’s pop days. No surprise about the biggest names there, and there is no truth in the rumour that Westlife were #sixteen in popularity.