As I failed to blog about the release of the Notes / Domino 8.5 public beta and the release of Symphony 1.0, let’s turn our attention to the kitchen renovation. The kitchen units have been fitted, the worktop templates have gone off to the granite masons, and therefore it’s time for the flooring guys to do their thing. Work started today, and tonight the once-rough floor is now smooth having been covered by a latex screed. The application of the screed was a smelly process, the ammonia-scented solution filled the house with the aroma of a tramp’s underpants on a hot day. Thankfully it’s now dried and the smell has gone.

By Thursday the floor will be done and we can move the fridge-freezer, washing machine and tumble-dryer back into the utility room. About a week later the worktops will be fitted, and then I can finish off stuff like skirting boards and the last of the painting. And then finally a new television so that Lauren and I can gawp at whatever’s on (or whatever’s recorded) while eating.

One other thing… happy birthday Zoe, hope you had a great day.