BlackBerry BoldThat’s mostly a crappy pun really – the worst-kept secret of the year was the BlackBerry 9000, with images hitting the Interweb over a month ago. Yesterday – and coinciding with WES – the 9000 emerged as the BlackBerry Bold. The BBC covered the Bold’s release stating that it’s a “move away from business” and an effort to “attract more casual users”. Certainly the second point may be true, but the spec of the Bold still makes it very suitable for the business user. A higher-resolution screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, and support for 3G – but also better facilities for playing music and a 2 megapixel camera.

It looks very tasty, not a million miles away from the Palm Treo 500. It certainly makes my 8800 look a little dated, in fact it makes the Curve (8300) look a little dated. Mind you, I’m sitting next to a colleague with a 8700 and that baby looks positively prehistoric (the 8700, not my colleague).