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I’ve landed on Planet Lotus

Yancy Lent set up a web site named Planet Lotus which aggregates the feeds of various Lotus-related web sites into a single feed served up into the site’s home page – very cool. This isn’t new news to many people within the Lotus community, it’s just that my blog landed on Planet Lotus today.

The background is that we tried to add this site’s feed to Planet Lotus a few months ago but it didn’t work. This was very strange – not a WordPress problem as several WordPress-based sites worked. Yesterday Yancy had the idea of me registering on FeedBurner to pick up the RSS feed, and then Planet Lotus automatically picks up the feed from FeedBurner. And ‘hey presto’… I’m there.

…works for Microsoft as a Global Account Technology Strategist. In a former life he worked for the Lotus brand within IBM for many years. Married with one daughter and two dogs, lives in Camberley (Surrey, England), plays the guitar to a mediocre standard, and runs 10 kms and half marathons at an average speed. That’s it really.


Darren Adams • 2 March 2008

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  1. Yancy Lent 2 March 2008 - 9:37 pm Reply

    We both have Chris Whisonant at Lotus 911 to thank. He came up with that workaround.

    And thanks again Darren for the wordpress theme for my site; your old look. I live it!

  2. Steve McDonagh 3 March 2008 - 11:48 pm Reply

    hiya darren
    when you comming over to belfast so peter and i can ask you difficult questions? πŸ˜‰

  3. Darren 4 March 2008 - 12:57 am Reply

    Hi Steve… I think that would be dependant on Geoff Higgins setting something up. However, I have been told to spend less time presenting and more time doing my real job this year. Mind you, that’s no good for keeping my British Midland silver card πŸ˜‰

  4. Stephen McDonagh 4 March 2008 - 11:20 am Reply

    Ahh shame πŸ™‚
    Are you making it over to ILUG, cos if you are we will save them all for then πŸ˜‰

  5. Geoff Higgins 4 March 2008 - 3:33 pm Reply

    Hi Darren,

    the annual event in our house that is a new baby is planned for the end of the month and this has been delaying me from scheduling something. But “my people” will speak to “your people” and see if we can organise something.

  6. Darren 4 March 2008 - 5:18 pm Reply

    Congratulations Geoff, is that the 4th?

  7. Geoff Higgins 5 March 2008 - 8:17 pm Reply

    yes 4, thanks Darren but I shouldn’t count chickens just yet. I heard recently 1 is a pet and 2 is a zoo so I am not sure what that makes my house, a jungle? Anyhow I have figured out the root cause and will taking appropriate action.

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