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Caught on camera again

In a post in November last year I mentioned that in addition to the the ZDNet videos I had recorded a video interview for I was sent a first edit shortly after, but I only recently remembered to chase up on where it was on the site… so you can now view it here.

Darren talks Notes 8This was a much easier format to work with than the ZDNet whiteboards. Compared the utter nightmare I bestowed upon the very patient ZDNet producer (the guy really was a gem), Andrew Charlesworth and I did this in just one take (although we recorded a second to help the editing process). I guess the direct human interaction is a helpful factor.

One thing I do realise now is that I couldn’t have a career in broadcasting (always fancied being a chat show host) until I get rid of the errrs and errrms.

…works for Microsoft as a Global Account Technology Strategist. In a former life he worked for the Lotus brand within IBM for many years. Married with one daughter and two dogs, lives in Camberley (Surrey, England), plays the guitar to a mediocre standard, and runs 10 kms and half marathons at an average speed. That’s it really.


Darren Adams • 17 January 2008

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  1. Geoff Higgins 17 January 2008 - 9:42 pm Reply

    Go on my son! That was most informative.

    Hope this doesn’t mean your rates are going up for your Belfast gigs!

  2. Darren 17 January 2008 - 9:44 pm Reply

    Same rate as last time Geoff… a few sandwiches and a cuppa tea. Will you be inviting us to sunny Belfast this year?

  3. Geoff Higgins 18 January 2008 - 9:36 am Reply

    Yes I should think so. Waiting with baited breath to hear what will tickle the customers at Lotusphere. No need to tell you to enjoy yourself.

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