Okay, here’s a big helping of double-standards. We’ve discussed the BBC news site’s slightly Microsoft-centric skew on the world of technology, but I don’t mind Apple getting a bit of airtime. I was told that “the BBC don’t do product announcements”, so obviously their coverage of the latest Apple-fest in the court of King Steve is purely about interesting technology… it just so happens that Apple happened to have announced some new products during MacWorld. Imagine that.

MacBook AirNow, I have to admit that I haven’t, as yet, harboured any great desire to own a Mac. Wild Bill will probably hunt me down during the next week and subject me to several hours of reasoning. Or he might just stay in the bar, we’ll see. But I can’t help but admire Apple’s latest offering, the MacBook Air. It’s 0.76 inches thick at it’s thickest point. How do they do that? It weighs three pounds. Crikey. What they don’t tell you is that you need an aluminium case weighing ten pounds to carry it round in to make sure your wafer-thin Mac doesn’t snap in half (that’s not true, but you get the point). What is true is that to get to those vital statistics it doesn’t have a CD drive, but Apple have invented ‘Remote Disc’ (accessing CD drives over Wifi) to compensate.

Two further things occurred to me while watching the guided tour. Firstly, the lid is as flat as an After Eight mint… so how the hell did they fit a webcam in there? Amazing. Second, when John (that’s his name) demonstrates Remote Disc, look at the Windows-based computer he puts the CD in. Could they have picked a lumpier ugly-looking beast? Just look how that contrasts with the MacBook Air’s beauty. That’s Apple for you… nice products, great marketing.