The Pink Floyd song of the same name was about freedom from tyranny and oppression – this blog entry is about nothing so dramatic or world-changing, but it’s something to celebrate. Tonight is the last night that I’m forced out of the pub scene. Tomorrow I can walk into a pub safe in the knowledge that when I walk out I won’t stink of stale rancid smoke, and won’t have to hang my clothes up in the garage because they smell too much to bring into the house. Having said that I probably won’t go to the pub tomorrow night because I need to finish painting the hall. But if I did go, it would be a joyous occasion.

No smokingI’ve always been a bit sensitive to the fact that I have friends and colleagues who smoke… it doesn’t make them bad people, but let’s just say that I think this smoking ban is utterly wonderful and should have been introduced years ago. I do try to see other peoples’ points of view (sometimes), but in this case the disgruntled smokers can whinge as much as they like. Their disgusting habit has driven us out of pubs and caused us suffering for long enough.

When I see them complaining on the news tomorrow I shall stick two fingers up at the t.v. and laugh at their pathetic whining about their freedom to smoke being denied, the nanny state, and so on. They’ve had it their way, now it’s time for us non-smokers to enjoy the freedom not to absorb their foul odours. Disagree with me if you want, NO-ONE is going to convince me that 1st July 2007 is not a great day.