Day at a glanceA few days behind with this news, but Notes 8 beta 3 is now available. As I reported a month ago, beta 3 is more stable and performs better than beta 2 – this is to be expected as that’s pretty much what the Notes 8.0 team are working on between now and the ‘mid-year’ ship date. Having said that, there are still some nice tweaks included – my favourite is the improved ‘Day-At-A-Glance’ calendar in the sidebar. Although the previous iteration was great, it had one problem… if you had only two appointments in one day (one early, one late) you’d end up with a big chunk of empty space between the two.

Screen real-estate is very important, so the new summarised view is much better (you can go back to the original time-slots view if that’s your preference).

After much debate in Mary Beth Raven’s blog , the recipient indicators in the Inbox (those which tell you whether the e-mail was sent to you alone, or whether you were one of x number of recipients, or whether you were only cc:ed) have reverted back to circles rather than the originally-planned chevrons. I was happy either way, but the circles are more visible. A good example of the attention to detail being shown in the development process, and of the interactive way that the Notes user community is contributing.